Administration / contracts on which the employment relationship is based

28. 09. 2022.Human Resources

A permanent employment relationship is the basic form of employment relationship. Its duration is not determined in advance and can only be terminated under conditions determined by law. However, although it is the basic form of employment, there are also different variations of employment.

Fixed-term employment contract : if the criterion is the time period on which the employment relationship is based, then in addition to indefinite-term contracts, we also have fixed-term contracts. A fixed-term contract establishes an employment relationship whose duration is determined in advance by objective reasons that are justified by the deadline or the execution of a certain job or the occurrence of a certain event, for the duration of those needs.

Employment relationship with trial work : The employment contract may stipulate trial work for a maximum of six months. An employee who has not demonstrated appropriate work and professional skills during the trial period shall have his employment terminated on the day of expiry of the term specified in the employment contract.

The employment relationship can be based on part-time, indefinite or fixed-term work ; it is about working less than full time. An employee who works part-time for one employer can for the rest of his working time establish an employment relationship with another employer and thereby achieve full-time employment. An employee who works part-time has the right to salary, other income and other rights from the employment relationship in proportion to the time spent at work, unless the law, general act and employment contract stipulates otherwise for individual rights.

Employment for performing work outside the employer’s premises : includes remote work and work from home.

Working relationship with domestic support staff : here it is possible to agree on the payment of a part of the salary in kind. The payment of part of the salary in kind is considered to be the provision of housing and food. The value of the part of giving in kind must be expressed in money. The minimum salary percentage that must be calculated and paid in money is determined by the employment contract and cannot be lower than 50% of the employee’s salary.

Employment relationship with an intern : employment relationship with a person who establishes an employment relationship for the first time, in the capacity of an intern, for an occupation for which that person has obtained a certain type and level of professional education, if this is established by law or regulation as a condition for working in certain jobs. Internship lasts a maximum of one year, unless otherwise specified by law. During the internship, the intern has the right to a salary and all other rights from the employment relationship.