Administration / rules and procedures

28. 09. 2022.Human Resources

Regulations and procedures are defined and adopted after the establishment of the company, while they are changed and supplemented over time, i.e. they grow together for the organization. The regulations contain and represent the essence of the culture and values of the society (organization), while the procedures serve the purpose of distributing responsibilities, preventing incidents, maximizing performance and results, and the like.

In the table below, you can view and download examples of regulations that are mandatory for every legal entity (person) in the Republic of Serbia.

R. no.Examples of documentsDownload
1Rulebook on occupational safety and healthhere
2Rulebook on the organization and systematization of jobs (jobs) at the employerhere
3Rules of Procedurehere
4Employee training program for safe and healthy workhere
5Rulebook on prevention of abuse at workhere
6Rulebook on the internal whistle-blowing procedurehere