Community Relations

23. 09. 2022.Marketing, Public Relations

The company’s image and operations are largely influenced by the company’s relationship with the local community. That relationship is very specific because the company/organization is part of the community.

This means that employees have a dual affiliation. On the one hand, while they are working, they are part of the company, on the other hand, after employment, they are part of the local community. For the image of the company, it is therefore very important that the employees are satisfied with their company/organization.

That satisfaction is very easily transferred to the community and to one’s environment. In those relationships, it is necessary to show a high degree of responsibility towards the social community to which they belong. A high degree of responsibility must be shown especially when taking actions in order to solve some joint business relations or problems. For successful relations with the local community, two-way communication that takes place between the company and the local community and vice versa is very important.

For the company, in addition to the relationship with the local community, the relationship with the government institutions, which also represent a very important part of the community, is also important. This relationship can be twofold.

On the one hand, the company influences the highest state legislative bodies on the creation and adoption of legal provisions. On the other hand, it follows and applies in practice the legal regulations adopted by the state. In those processes, the role of lawyers working in the company is very important. But it also requires public relations employees to monitor and keep abreast of everything that is happening in the field of legislation, in order to communicate with government institutions as successfully as possible, if necessary.

In the relationship with government institutions, lobbying occupies a special place today. It seeks to influence the legal regulations prescribed and enacted by state institutions.

The public represents a real phenomenon of great power, which has or seeks to have an influence on the course of events in its environment. Theory and practice show that the matter is not so simple.

The main goal is to create a relationship of mutual understanding and trust with the community, ie. encouraging interest in the achieved business results of the organization, through various forms of communication.

Goals should be feasible and based on available resources (human, financial, technical, time).

At a functional level, community public relations goals can be viewed as:

– Information goals (way to inform people about an event, product, activities)

– Motivational goals (improving employee and public awareness)

Goals can be set in relation to community members, employees and in relation to donors.