Recruitment and selection / Creation and publication of job advertisements

28. 09. 2022.Human Resources

Employers often forget that a job ad is the first impression that potential candidates form about the workplace, the company and the employer. A job advertisement is most often the decisive element, which directs potential candidates to apply or not to apply for a certain position.

A quality job ad has an optimal headline. The job title should be consistent with what job seekers want to find. The title should be written in a general way, using terms that are searched by job seekers. For example, if you are looking for raspberry picking workers, you should include “agriculture job” in the title, then add “raspberry picking.”

In this way, you generalize the title and make it visible to a larger number of people – both those who want to start harvesting raspberries this summer, and those who are looking for jobs in agriculture in general. This is how you maximize your target group – your ad will find a larger number of potential candidates, so a larger number of people will apply for it.

The introduction of the ad – a lure that can attract candidates. A small introductory paragraph that can consist of one or a couple of sentences can be decisive. In a similar way as journalists write the so-called “leads”, which serve as bait for reading the rest of the text, and which contain all the important information about what follows, should also be written in the job advertisement.

Write the job description very specifically. After a general title and an attractive introduction, it’s time to write a clear and precise job description and present the working conditions to potential employees. This description should contain specific information about what is being done and what is expected of the candidate, as well as what are the opportunities for advancement.

The job description itself includes the daily duties expected of potential candidates. State them clearly and precisely. Always remember that the best candidates are those who will apply for a position where they know exactly what is expected of them. Underline specific responsibilities and daily duties that future employees will have in a certain position.

Necessary qualifications of the candidate. You can’t expect the best candidates to contact you if you haven’t emphasized in the ad itself what makes the candidate a good fit for a specific position in your company. Underline the qualifications you expect the future employee to have. Although many list only formal education, the ad should also list additional skills, non-formal education, or attributes needed to perform a particular job. Be extremely thorough and precise here, but try to condense everything into a few lines at the same time. It is important to understand that all candidates who meet the above requirements with their resume or CV will expect to be invited for a job interview. So be as specific as possible when listing the expected qualifications, traits and skills.

Do not forget to provide basic information about the company. Job ads are completely meaningless if you don’t include basic information such as: company name, address, contact phone number and email address. The more information you think is necessary, the better, but these basic ones are also mandatory, so don’t let yourself forget to include them in your ad.

State the name of the company at the very beginning of the ad, and at the end provide basic information about which email address candidates can send their resumes, CVs, which phone numbers they can call, or where they can come and apply live. In just a few attractive sentences about the company, you will make a stronger impression on potential candidates and additionally attract the best. In addition, everyone who sees the ad will learn something more about your business, so writing a job ad can have an additional benefit – advertising the company.

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